Take a Break from Politics and Enjoy The ANE Show

On Tuesday the American people took to the polls and made choices that will affect all of us for the next couple of years until the Presidential Elections in 2016.  Now there were many issues put in front of the citizens of the United States such as who will control Congress, legalizing marijuana, the economy, war on ISIS and even gay marriage.

On Wednesday, everyone and their mother took to Facebook and other social media sites to express their satisfaction or disappointment with the results. And WOW, the opinions were flying!

The ANE Show is endorsing the next candidate who places a moratorium for up to three days after the election to allow all emotions to cool before anyone is allowed to write how they feel about the election results.

44894Now, if you are looking for hard core opinions about the political climate and a bunch of hate filled speech- The ANE Show is not for you.  Instead, we hit the Airwaves at 11 AM on 1190 AM every Saturday morning talking about automotive, news and entertainment.  Yes, politics will be discussed but only how it directly effects the automotive industry.  OK, I’m lying.  We make fun of the politicians who do stupid things because let’s face it- that’s just funny.

Yes, The ANE show is fun, provides helpful information on automotive related issues, and entertainment.  Where else can you hear about mullets, the best cheese toast, talk to your sports heroes, and learn what real people think about the news today.

This week’s show will be without Jim “Doc” Proctor as he takes his annual trip to Las Vegas.  That leaves the other doctor of radio, James “The Spin Doctor” Schaefer filling in for Doc.  He will be joined by his cohort and business partner in DeliveryMaxx, the “Guru” Josh Deaton and Jeff “Bubba” Thompson.  The “Coolest Guy in Dallas”, Paul Salfen will also entertain listeners with his interview with Michael Keaton, Emma Stone and Edward Norton.  Without “Doc” at the controls, the show usually spins out of control, but that is by design!  No rules just makes more fun.

The ANE Show will broadcast live from McKinney Buick GMC which is located at 3950 S. Hwy 75 in McKinney, Texas.  If you are in the dealership, you may find yourself on-air.  As usual, all listeners can interact with The ANE Show cast by tuning in and communicating with the show via Facebook or Twitter @TheANEShow.  Send in your questions and become part of the show this Saturday.  It will be light, fun and certainly entertaining.

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