The ANE Show Personalities are Amazing

Every Saturday morning the cast of Jim “Doc” Proctor, “The Guru” Josh Deaton, James “The Spin Doctor” Schaefer, The Coolest Guy in Dallas- Paul Salfen, and the beautiful actress/model Jennifer Reed challenge the traffic of Dallas to entertain listeners nationwide.


This is no easy task as Texas is rated one of the top 5 worst states to drive in. People are 65% more likely to be in a collision versus other states in the union. The roads shut down during a rain storm, and summers are brutal. However, this cast of characters care so much for their fans that they brave these terrifying conditions to bring the latest in Automotive, News, and Entertainment.

After the hour long show of informative information and interaction with listeners through social media; the on-air radio personalities pack up, head back into the reality of life, record their stories and head back to the station every Saturday morning at 9 AM to please the ears of listeners the next week.

Nothing is safe as “The Guru” and “The Spin Doctor” have been known to get into trouble at home for sharing too many family secrets. What would you expect from a guy who boasts about his mullet during his high school days, or one who claims to be the best little league coach in the Dallas area? (Tune in to see which story goes with who).

Paul Salfen and Jennifer Reed grace the cover of magazines and can be seen at various times when perusing through the TV channels. Not only do they experience the life of the Rich and Famous; they gossip about it as well. These two will share how “the other people” live.

Now, this show would not happen without the Doc keeping everyone in check. Proctor makes sure that each show goes off without a hitch despite the efforts of the cast trying to take the show down treacherous curves.

The ANE Show airs every Saturday at 9 AM on KFXR 1190AM. It is a one hour radio talk show with four segments which include automotive, news, celebrity updates, and great information. For more information about the most talked about radio show in Dallas/Ft. Worth visit

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