Radio Show Circus

When Jim “Doc” Proctor enters the Clear Channel Studios located in Dallas, Texas for the weekly ANE Show on 1190 AM, he is challenged to keep the cast in line and on topic.  What else would you expect from a team made up of a “Bubba”, “Gorrila”, “Guru”, “The Coolest Guy in Dallas”, “Spin Doctor”, and a beautiful Actress/Model?



This cast of characters has shared crazy stories about driving through border patrol, tricking waitresses into giving them free cheese toast, waking up next to a roast beef sandwich, wearing mullets, and unbelievable adventures. When the “Doc” is in the studio; he is able to keep most of the show focused on Automotive, News, Sports, and Entertainment but given the chance the cast loves to have a lot of fun.

It is a three ring circus when these guys take the mic. However, it is always fun and entertaining.


Jeff “Bubba” Thompson, the ANE Show’s Co-Host, also serves as Jim’s right hand man in the dealership. He will share “war stories” and other helpful information for the consumer’s automotive needs. Josh “Social Media’s Guru” Deaton, and James “Spin Doctor” Schaefer , Co-Founders of DeliveryMaxx, are experts when it comes to today’s technology and will provide insight to everything pertaining to social media, internet marketing, online reputation, and digital solutions.

Paul Salfen, the coolest guy in Dallas, and Jennifer Reed will add celebrity insight with interviews of the hottest stars in sports, music, and entertainment.

The ANE Show airs at 9 AM every Saturday morning and consist of four segments including two segments of Automotive and News. Proctor and Thompson Host the show starting out with automotive news and giving helpful information such as buying vehicles, financing, selling vehicles, and automotive comparisons just to name a few.

Salfen follows with interviews of today’s most popular stars like Mathew McConaughey, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ice Cube, Ben Stiller, and many more.

The ANE Show will be a jammed packed hour of fun, entertainment, and information sure to keep you coming back for more. Saturday mornings at 9 AM on 1190 AM just got more interesting for you. For more information about The ANE Show visit or follow on Twitter @TheANEShow. For the latest in celebrity guest or show topics visit The ANE Show’s Facebook page at

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