The ANE Show Provides Laughs Water Cooler Style

Last Saturday’s radio show was filled with fun as the cast of The ANE Show which can be heard every Saturday morning at 9:00 am on Clear Channel Radio’s 1190 AM.  The show began with New Year’s Eve stories of the cast, and quickly ran into crazy New Year’s Eve stories of the past.  Longtime listener Wayne Bates shared, “I love listening to the show because I feel like I am in the room listening to friend’s stories and laugh as hard as they do.”

ImageThe show is not your typical radio talk show. There is a definite purpose to the hour long program. The ANE Show which stands for “Automotive, News, and Entertainment” provides information for consumers and dealerships alike helping listeners find the right vehicle for their needs. However, the show doesn’t take the typical approach to just providing the same information about the automotive industry every week. The cast which is made up of Jim “Doc” Proctor (General Manager of Dodge City of McKinney), Jeff “Bubba” Thompson, Josh “The Guru” Deaton, James “The Spin Doctor” Schaefer, Paul “The Coolest Guy in Dallas” Salfen, and the beautiful Jennifer Reed also discuss today’s news and entertainment. The “Doc” and “Bubba” have spent many years in the automotive industry helping put car buyers in the right vehicle. They are known for providing great vehicles for fair prices, and even more for going the extra mile to make buyers happy. “The Guru” and “Spin Doctor” created a patent-pending digital marketing company (DeliveryMaxx) that blends social media and online reputation to help any company, organization, or person that utilizes the web to share or sell their products or services. To keep the show light and entertaining, Paul Salfen (best known for hosting the Drew Pearson Show) and actress/model Jennifer Reed talk about there every day encounters with radio, TV, and movie stars.

Every week the show is real and entertaining. However, listeners determine what the show discusses and has immediate access to the radio cast through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. For example, when the Dallas Cowboys blew a huge lead against the Green Bay Packers and lost- Listeners compared the Cowboys to some of the worse vehicles ever made. It was truly “Water Cooler Talk” at its finest.

Nothing is filtered during the show, and it is designed to provide an hour of fun, entertainment, and relief to the listeners.

You can tune in at 9 AM every Saturday Morning to 1190 AM and follow The ANE Show on Facebook to be part of the conversation. Just write your questions or comments into the timeline and hear how the cast responds.

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