Saturday Morning Heroes on The ANE Show

Look up in the sky!  Is it a bird, a plane?  No, it’s the cast of the best radio show in the nation!  If your Saturday morning routine is a little dull, the team of experts at The Automotive News and Entertainment Show are here to save the day!  

ImageBurning up the airwaves every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. on 1190AM KFXR is The ANE Show with all of the latest news pertaining to the automotive industry and even celebrity interviews with the best and brightest Hollywood has to offer!

Join Dallas’ most heroic radio show cast every Saturday as they delve into the latest news, gossip, hilarious stories and who knows what else! Hosted by Jim “Doc” Proctor, Jeff “Bubba” Thompson, Paul “The Coolest Guy in Dallas” Salfen, Jennifer “Jenn” Reed, Josh “The Guru” Deaton, James “Spin Doctor” Schaefer, John “Shu” Shumaker, and their intern Joel the Gorilla, the number one source of automotive news and entertainment is too good to miss!

The ANE Show is surely the best way to start your weekend, but in case you miss an episode you can catch the replay by visiting or by following them on Facebook at today!

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